Chicago 304 – Crane Operator Written Exam/Renewal Class I & II

Chicago 304 Crane Operator Written Exam/Renewal Class I & II

As of June 1, 2022, all new applications and renewals for crane operator licenses must be submitted through the City of Chicago’s Inspections, Permits, and Licensing web portal.

An overview of the crane operator license is available on the City of Chicago Department of Buildings web site.

New Applicants

To apply to take the written examination, please create an online account and apply for a license.

Note: when creating an online account, make sure the name and address you use matches the information on the government-issued photo ID that you will show when you arrive for the written examination.

The written examination is given on announced dates (see below). After passing the written examination, you will also need to schedule and pass a practical examination before you can receive a license.

Study Guide: Crane Operator Written Examination Study Guide (Class I and Class II)

All fees must be paid through the web portal.

In order to be approved for the exam date for which they registered, candidates MUST PAY FOR THE EXAM BY 12:00pm on the deadline date.
Candidates who have not paid for the exam by 12:00pm on the deadline date will be automatically moved to the next examination date.

Renewing An Existing License

If you have an existing license, please create an online account and claim your license.

To access your renewal information, please enter: BCRI   plus the numeric portion only of your current license

All renewals must be submitted and paid for through the web portal. Renewals will not be accepted by mail or over the phone.

Exam Information:

Exam Exam Date Deadline City Fees
Written Jul 10, 2024 Jun 26, 2024 Hillside, IL. $150.00
Written Sep 11, 2024 Aug 23, 2024 Hillside, IL. $150.00
Written Nov 13, 2024 Oct 16, 2024 Hillside, IL. $150.00

Applications must be received by the close of business on the deadline date.

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