Illinois 220 – Licensed Electrologist

Illinois 220 Licensed Electrologist

This is a computerized examination.

Directions for the Licensed Electrologist Examination

Continental Testing Services, Inc. no longer accepts applications for the Illinois Licensed Electrologist Examination. PROMETRIC now does the registration and scheduling of the Licensed Electrologist Examination.

To register and/or schedule a Licensed Electrologist Examination:


Click on: Schedule My Test

From the Directory select: A-C.

Scroll down to: AEA – American Electrology Association

Click on: Licensure

Follow the prompts that will take you through the application process.

Please note: Authorization Number is not necessary.

PROMETRIC Contact Information

PHONE: 1-800-881-4214.

Hours 8:00AM to 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

Exam Information:

Name:Missy Kwak
Email Us
Phone:708) 354-9911