Chicago 313 – Private Alarm Contractor

Chicago 313 Private Alarm Contractor

  1. Click “Apply” below to begin the application process.
  2. Fill out and print the “Initial Trade License Application Form”.
  3. Submit a letter in writing requesting licensure/registration from the City of Chicago.
  4. Include the following forms of identification.
    • Your personal State of Illinois license
    • Your Company’s State of Illinois licensure
  5. Submit any additional proof that your company is authorized to do business in the State of Illinois.
  6. Email

Application Fees: There is NO FEE Required

Fee Amount
First Time Exam $0.00
Exam Retake $0.00
Initial License $0.00
License Renewal $0.00
Late Penalty $0.00
ID Card Replacement $0.00
Certificate Replacement $0.00
Name:Cheryl Stavropoulos
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